Tired of paying those mandatory 6% commissions to sell your home?  We can help!

At Turn Two Realty, we recognize how difficult the market can be and how important your equity is to you.  We want to help you sell your home and create a win-win situation for everyone.  You have owned your home for 5, 10, 15 or more years.  You have invested a substantial part of your income making your mortgage payments.  Why should your real estate agent pocket more than you?  At Turn Two Realty, we believe in creating a fair transaction for the benefit of all parties.

We create value in your home by the following:

1.We come in and give recommendations for staging, pricing and marketing your home;

2.We take photographs with a special 11mm wide angle lens, so that the potential buyers will see as much of your property as possible;

3.We list your property on the MLS system;

4.We make ourselves available to you to answer questions  throughout the buying/selling process. 

Turn Two Realty is your resource for purchasing and selling the most important asset you have.  Call us TODAY!